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Read this page if you seriously want to delete  erection problems forever…

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Dear friend,  I’ll tell you right away that the method you’re about to learn is completely different from anything else you’ve tried until today.  Believe me, if you really want to defeat erection problems, I can tell you exactly how to do it:

• Without taking drugs or pills

• Without natural supplements (…but not always harmless)

• No inconvenient ointments, creams or oils to spread in intimate areas  

• Without recourse to any doctor or psychologist  

• Without side effects  

• Without having to leave your home

• Without receiving anything by mail to your home  

• Without wasting time on very complicated scientific readings

And in particular I will show you how you can do it quickly (very fast!) And without letting anyone know.  But before you reveal it…

That’s why you have to listen what I have to tell you

My name is Andrew Beck, I am 42 years old, and you must know that, up to 13 years ago, my sex life was not always as satisfying and peaceful as it is now, because I suffered from erection problems.  During my 42 years I have had several women, 3 cohabitations and many opportunities to have sex.  If sometimes in bed with a woman everything went right, other times inexplicably presented strange problems of erection at the time of intercourse:

• Total lack of erection in front of her completely naked  

• Loss of erection by threading the condom  

• Loss of erection during intercourse or penetration

Problems of which, at the time, I could not understand the REAL cause…  Obviously, besides feeling a tremendous sense of disappointment towards myself, every time I was terrified above all by what could be the judgment of my bed companion.  To be told that for her it is not a problem and that does not really matter, knowing well that instead she was thinking just the opposite (maybe regretting some of her ex very much better!), It was really terrible for me.  In addition, I was terribly worried about the idea that he could go and tell it to friends and acquaintances and that these, in turn, would have badly spoken to other people (maybe even exaggerating things).  Not to mention the fact that, because of this chatter around, they could come to know other potential women because they also talk about these things … and unfortunately on some occasions it really happened (playing so any chance to bring them to me to bed…).

I was burning with anxiety inside me!

As time went on I began to experience a castrating performance anxiety, and a mad fear of disappointing any new woman at the time of having sex with her.  Even those times that seemed to be going smoothly I was always worried about the idea that, during sexual intercourse, you could recur, just on the most beautiful, some damned problem of erection…  …with his consequent disappointment and “flight” to some other man who knew how to “take it” with greater security.  If then, even before having sex, a new woman told me about her past sexual experiences and ex-lovers very fiery and lending (or even gifted!) …Well I let you imagine at what levels came my fear of disappointing her and my anxiety.

Besides being frustrated I was also confused…

To this situation, already in itself frustrating and that was the main cause of the end of the relationship between me and several of my ex, was added also the confusion that was created in my head when, after having disappointed her in bed, I came home alone and I found myself with an inexplicable erection between the legs.   And this confusion increased over time because:

• The medical examinations I had done showed that I had no physical problems and that everything worked normally in the intimate areas.  

• The sessions taken by the psychologist, hoping to get out changed for the better, had only put me in front of a cold person to listen to me, unprepared in the matter and even sexually more insecure with women than me.

…In short: I did not understand why these erection problems, I did not understand why I had them sometimes and sometimes not, and the fear of disappointing other women was completely blocking me and making me feel more and more insecure sexually.

Not to mention the fact that, over the years, I have tried to find out how many “solutions”…

That’s why pharmaceutical multinationals  they are cheating us

Of course, I knew about the existence of pharmacological pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.    But since I am not a naive superficial who naively adheres to the false promises of pharmaceutical multinationals, I knew very well how they really work…  …I knew well when it is really the rare case of using it (and how), and when and in which cases they do nothing and are useless, if not to increase the earnings of those who sell them, prescribe and produce!

With regard to these pharmacological pills I was well aware of the scientific truth that exists about their real or presumed efficacy:

• No pill is able to improve your inner confidence when having sex with a woman.  

• No pill is able to improve erective physical capacity.  

• No pill is able to elevate your sexual self-esteem in any way.  

• No pill is a truly definitive solution to erection problems.  

• No pill improves your sexual excitement during intercourse and, if you have carefully listened to my audio-report, you should already know that excitement is essential to trigger and maintain penile erection.

…To make matters worse:

• Being medicines can have serious side effects, especially if you make mistakes or exaggerate to take the dose.  

• The drug should be taken before any sexual intercourse and must have enough time to be absorbed, so you have to plan the relationship a long time before.  

• None of these drugs will ever guarantee you have an automatic erection.  

• None of these drugs will ever give you an erection if there is a lack of mental excitement during intercourse, a sexual insecurity, a mental block or the fear of disappointing it.  

• None of these drugs is a permanent solution, as taking the drug must be done throughout your sexual life (so you should take them forever!).  

• Prolonged intake of these drugs leads to psychological dependence on the pills and a lowering of your self-esteem during sexual intercourse, resulting in a worsening of erection problems.  

• Taking these pills for erection triggers, in a short time, a perverse and dangerous psychological mechanism of mental dependence on these pills.  

• Long-term intake of these drugs leads to a very high economic cost.

Besides, I would have had to sneak up on my companions, because women do not find a man who takes pills to get an erection very virile.  In practice these pills would have made me only more insecure and addicted, rather than sexually sure of me and able to express all my natural sexual ability.

We want to talk about the alleged“natural” remedies?

I’m referring to all that stuff like: natural pills, vitamin or mineral supplements, amino acids, oils, sprays, ointments and herbal extracts.  From the scientific point of view these remedies do not have any real advantage for the erective mechanism:

• None of these natural remedies proves useful for erectives if there is a lack of sexual excitement during intercourse, sexual insecurity, a mental block or fear of disappointing or confrontation.  

• None of these natural remedies can improve your sexual security during intercourse.  

• None of these natural remedies can improve mental excitement during sexual intercourse.  

• None of these natural remedies will ever guarantee you have an automatic erection.  

• None of these natural remedies is a cure or a permanent solution for erection problems or to improve erection.  

• As with pharmacological pills, taking these natural remedies should be kept secret from your woman, as it is not seen as a virile choice and is perceived as an unwelcome lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.  

• Even long term intake of these natural remedies leads to a psychological dependence and a lowering of your self-esteem during sexual intercourse, with a consequent worsening of the erective problem.

…And it’s not over here! The fact that such solutions declare themselves composed of principles of natural origin does not mean that they are completely harmless to your health.  In fact, many of the compounds of these supplements, even if of natural origin, are strongly harmful to health if taken in too high doses or if taken when your body does not have a real deficiency.

I had the feeling that I would never find a real solution to my erection problems, but then on July 13, 2005…

In short: my problems remained and seemed to increase over time.  More and more often I found myself in bed disappointed, with my partner even more disappointed than me and without really knowing what or who was thinking…  My confusion, anxiety and frustration increased every day and I could not find a truly valid and definitive solution to this depressing and embarrassing situation.  But on July 13th 2005 something happened. Almost by chance I met, after some time, a very dear sexologist friend.  The result was a long and interesting chat, during which we discussed together some of my physical and mental techniques, to improve male sexual performance, which I had started to elaborate 5 months earlier.  In fact, in that same period, not knowing what to do and looking for a solution, I resumed studying 2 of my 3 great passions that I had for almost my entire life: psychology and sexology.  The chat I made with my sexologist friend was certainly positive, because what he said made me realize that I was on the right track.  In fact, the physical and mental techniques that I was developing coincided with the results of various scientific researches that had been made…  …Research that analyzed the mental and physical characteristics possessed by sexually self-confident men, and capable of maintaining erection for a long time.  …After that meeting another 6 months and a half of research, intense study, trials and errors passed.  It was not easy at all but in the end, after so much effort, I managed to create my own original method to have a secure erection and that does not require the use of drugs, supplements or pills of any kind.  I applied myself immediately, with great enthusiasm and full of hope!  It seems incredible but, after only 5 days, I was already able to have an excellent erection during intercourse and to keep it without any effort for over half an hour!  Moreover, this method is also able to improve sexual safety and mental excitement, thus enhancing erectile capacity. Indeed…  …After less than a month my woman showed her an almost instant erection as soon as we undressed (and often even before still dressed), and lasted an hour, an hour and a half… …After two months in bed I did things that I previously thought impossible: I could have sex for a long time, maintaining an erection for 4 hours, and taking my woman to levels of pleasure and total satisfaction that she had never felt before with anybody other.

The most beautiful thing I had gained through the application of this revolutionary method was not only the notable improvement of my erectile capacity…  …But also the extraordinary inner sexual security that I had in front of any woman I had later, even sexually very uninhibited or “aggressive”.  Not to mention the extraordinary ability to excite me mentally more than I thought possible, and to have become totally master of my emotions in the sexual sphere!  …Later a girlfriend and cohabitant of that period, a psychologist profession, who had openly confessed to me having had many bed-mates in her past, began to be pleased to call me “the Man of Record Erections”.  He even suggested that I test the Method on close friends and make it known to others through the Internet.  So it was that, in 2007, I began to spread to other men what would become the first and only method of definitive physical and mental techniques to improve erection.

I received many compliments emails from those who were entrusting themselves to this new revolutionary Method after having tried, with little or no success, all the other solutions that existed until then.  At first this thing scared me a little, because I was not used to receiving so much attention from people.

In the meantime I have deepened my studies and my experiments, in order to create a second and even more effective edition of this new method.  Which, in fact, I managed to do in 2009…  …And then, in November 2016, a third (even more effective!) Edition of what now, after a few years, became the leading method in erection techniques.  Up to now, my method has helped over 21,700 men around the world leave behind their erection problems and have a happy and fulfilling sex life.  And now, with your permission, I want to reveal it to you too. What I want to do is give you access to my method, called “Secure Erection”.

What exactly is the method“Secure Erection”?

• “Secure Erection” is the first ever method of physical and mental techniques to permanently improve erection during sexual intercourse… in the sense that, unlike pills to be taken forever before intercourse, with this method does not you’ll NEVER need anything else.  

• “Secure Erection” is the only method that works by improving both the psychological and the physical component of your erective mechanism. In order to obtain very strong and lasting erections both before and during the penetration (with or without a condom), and to assure yourself and your woman very satisfactory relationships.  

• “Secure Erection” is the leading method in resolving erection problems once and for all during sexual intercourse with women, and in strengthening erection without the use of pills, supplements, herbs, oils, sprays, ointments or other.  

• “Secure Erection” is the most specific method to eliminate sexual phobias, the fear of sexually deluding your partner or other sexual partners, sexual insecurity and sexual performance anxiety.  

• “Secure Erection” is the most specific method to improve and enhance mental excitement during intercourse, increasing sexual self-esteem and self-confidence during sexual intercourse with any kind of woman (young, beautiful, new) conquest, escapade or sexually aggressive that is…).  

• “Secure Erection” is the method preferred by all men who have already tried poor or no success with the famous drug pills, natural pills, various supplements, sprays, oils, ointments or other improvised methods and e-books. created by some stranger (by copying this method a little and some text on sexology).  

• “Secure Erection” is the method par excellence of those who want to always have a lot of satisfaction in the sexual sphere, and want to be sure to satisfy their partner and feel desired by her more than any other man.  

• “Secure Erection” is the only method that reveals the most widespread and unthinkable errors that the vast majority of men commit during sexual intercourse, and which compromise the state of erection and sexual satisfaction both yours and hers.

As you may have understood, “Secure Erection” is a truly unique method of its kind that has represented and still represents, for tens of thousands of men all over the world, a real positive revolution for erection problems.

What is made up of “Secure Erection”?

The “Secure Erection” Method is a multimedia course in mp4 video format and PDF downloadable from the Internet on your computer, tablet, smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

Here, in detail, what you will receive today with the “Secure Erection” method:

1 – The video recording of the “Secure Erection” method composed of 5 mp4 video files

• These 5 mp4 video recordings form the core of “Secure Erection”. Here I will reveal the 3 Natural Secrets to always have a powerful and lasting erection.  

• All “Secure Erection” techniques will be revealed to you in a very simple language. You will not find anything complicated. You will only have to listen, see and put into practice the simple but powerful physical and mental exercises that you will discover.

• Above all I will reveal how to apply these incredible techniques, in a concrete way and immediately, starting today to definitely improve erection.

2 – The 4 cards of the “Testosterone Exercises” + 2 Anatomic cards + an exclusive video

• The 4 cards and the video illustrate particular exercises, which I reveal in my Method, to naturally increase the production of testosterone, a very important and fundamental hormone for both the erectile mechanism and the male psyche.  

• The 2 anatomic cards illustrate some details of the anatomy of the penis. Seeing the files, you will understand why it is important to know these details…  

• All 6 tabs are in PDF format, so you can view them immediately on the screen of your computer or mobile device. Obviously, if you wish, you can also print them.

3 – The 4 cards with the “Mind Maps” of the “Secure Erection” Method

• The Mind Maps represent the schematic summary of the whole Method ready to use, so that you do not have to work hard to take notes and you can relax and concentrate only in listening.  

• They are made using the same data storage structure as your brain. They will accompany you in listening to the Method and, with a quick look, will allow you to remember very easily everything you will learn.  

• All 4 maps are in PDF format, so you can view them immediately on the screen of your computer or mobile device. Obviously, if you wish, you can also print them.

BONUS 1 : Fundamental exercises to have a Strong and Long Erection (Important video)!

The for Strong Erections Exercise Guide is a supplement to the PROGRAM that will show you, using pictures and words how to perform the required exercises.

Remember, the Program Secure Erection is a step system that uses biological enhancement and penis exercises to achieve STRONG erection.

Not all exercises are created equal! We recommend the top methods to make sure you succeed on your erection route.

BONUS 2 : All mistakes to avoid in order to Have a Strong Erection

Many men I speak to haven’t had a lot of experience in the bedroom, partly due to their low self confidence or tiny member. The Secure Erection Program is going to change all that.

However, there are many things that “less experienced” men do in bed that might be pleasurable for them, but hated by their female partner.

You don’t want to be labeled as a “bad lay with a small erection” do you? Read this guide and you won’t make these easy mistakes!

BONUS 3 : Program of Intense Secrets and teachings for Strong Mental Excitement and Strong Erections

All the most important secrets contained in these E-books (which will help you succeed in bed with your partner).

Don’t lose the benefit of a hard and strong erection forever!

How to Eliminate all the fears in the sexual field, the insecurities, how to definitively eliminate the terror of not being able to make love with your woman…

Fundamental Secrets to Increase Testosterone.

“Secure Erection”(second edition)

The first absolute method of physical techniques e  mental to improve permanently  erection during sexual intercourse.

This is the second and new edition of the now famous “Secure Erection” method, which compared to the previous edition:

• It makes my physical and mental techniques even more simple and powerful, which I have further perfected over the last few years.  

• I have added the answers to all the doubts, questions, curiosities and insights that have been asked to me by the many customers of my Method.

I made all these updates to create an even more effective and high quality product that could satisfy anyone beyond their expectations. You will understand how and why when you start using it too…

More precisely, this is what you will discover  within “Secure Erection”

The truth about “automatic erection”: the factors you need to take action to guarantee an erection and improve it… and the first mistake you must absolutely avoid in order to avoid problems.  Here’s how and why the sexual self-esteem affects your erective capacity… and the simple psychological method to maximize your sexual self-esteem, and always feel serene and winning in bed with any woman.  How to avoid the number 1 mistake that most men commit after an erection problem, or when they know a new woman…  Would you ever have thought that “trying to solve the problem of erection” is one of the most serious psychological mistakes that can be committed?!? Find out why seeing the second video file of “Secure Erection”.  A simple but very powerful “trucchetto” (which only 3% of men know) to direct the mind and thoughts in the right direction, and thus improve your mental excitement and erectile capacity.  The unthinkable and overwhelming truth about the size of the penis (count, they do not count, it counts knowing how to use it, what they say “around”…), and the irrefutable reality that has removed any doubt and has reassured those who believed having it too small… but NOT people who naively believed that they did not have to worry!

Find out how not to be more afraid in bed with sexually aggressive and shameless women and girls, and eliminate the castrating performance anxiety of these women.

Lasting very long is really and always convenient? Find out what women really want and what they do not want when it comes to “duration of male erection”.  Self unconscious sabotage: discover how to avoid the deadly psychological mechanism that limits or prevents excitement and erection (this is the reason why hundreds of men have written to me: “Thanks Andrew! That’s where I was wrong!”).  In a few minutes a day you will discover the secret of sexually successful men who automatically gain access to a state of strong inner confidence and high excitement during sexual intercourse.  That’s why some therapies (and self-therapies) prove ineffective or even harmful (attention: maybe you’re doing this mistake now but you do not know …).  The shocking experiment that will make you discover how to exploit a natural ability of your brain to always find yourself in the optimal state of mental erection during sexual intercourse.  Find out how your brain reacts according to what you think and how it can affect, negatively or positively, the erection and influence the outcome of sexual intercourse.  The powerful “psychological tricks” to further enhance sexual self-esteem, inner confidence, excitement, improve erection … and achieve faster changes and results (having more fun!).  The 4 pleasant and powerful exercises to improve the blood flow to the penis and get a faster, more consistent, much longer lasting erection … and other unsuspected benefits.

The 4 powerful exercises (you can do comfortably at home) to increase the production of testosterone (also called “the hormone of erection and sexual desire”) up to 35% more.  …My personal secret to make these exercises really effective (it’s the key element that makes the real difference!).  In bed with her: the mental attitude to be avoided absolutely because it causes anxiety and limits, or prevents altogether, erection during intercourse…  …And the correct attitude to be taken in bed with her to feel serene, completely at ease and enhance the excitement and erection.  The truth about the “demonstration of virility” in bed (one of the most common errors among men when they have sex with a woman).  The biggest and most common mistake we make of us in bed with her… find out why hundreds of men have written to me: “Andrew, you were right! This was the main mistake I made in bed with her! “

The unthinkable and little known truth about very long lasting erections and always at the top of the hardness…

What absolutely must happen to the erection, during the penetration, not to ruin everything.

Erection problems with condoms? Find out how to avoid the erection drop and turn the condom into a phenomenal stimulus for arousal and erection.  Masturbation: is it good or does it hurt? The frills never scientifically proven that you too have heard… and the scientific truth about masturbation that no one has ever revealed to you until now.  Pornography and sexuality: does pornography do good or does it hurt? The answer to one of the most frequently asked questions to Andrew…  Fear of his judgment? Thanks to my teaching that you will find in file number 15 you could eliminate completely, forever and in a single instant the fear of his judgment!  Did you know that being sexually “normal” is not normal at all, and that being sexually “perfect” is counterproductive and limits your sexual performance?  How to activate your personal and powerful natural aphrodisiac to get more excited, improve erection, and experience sexuality in a serene and happy way.  My personal and most intimate secrets, discovered in recent months, to make my physical and mental techniques even more powerful…

“Secure Erection” is suitable for  any man?

I want to be clear and honest: “Secure Erection” is not for everyone and does not do miracles. For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to point out that, although revolutionary, this method is suitable only for a specific and specific category of men and not for anyone.    This means that the “Secure Erection” Method:

• It is not suitable for those with health problems such as: diabetes in the most severe forms, severe obesity, heart problems, or has suffered serious injury to the genital or spine.  

• It is not suitable for those who are excessively lazy and want to improve their erection without doing anything.  

• It is not suitable for those who are characteristically insensitive.

• It is not suitable for people who are too superficial.  

• It is not suitable for those looking for a penis enlargement method.  

• It is not suitable for those who lack respect towards women and the female sphere.

Here is for whom “Secure Erection” is suitable…

“Secure Erection” is the ideal method for you only if you reflect yourself in one or more of these situations below:

• If you want to satisfy your sexual partner but you still have problems with erection during intercourse.  

• If you are afraid to sexually disappoint women and / or are afraid of confrontation, fears related to penis size, performance anxiety or other mental blockages in the sexual context.  

• If you have a new partner that you feel strongly in love with, but you are sexually stuck and are afraid to disappoint or lose it, due to insecurities or erection problems.  

• If you want to feel sexually very confident about yourself and live a truly sexual relationship with women of all kinds …  

• If you want to rediscover or enhance mental excitement and sexual desire, even beyond your limits.  

• If you have erection loss before or during penetration, or by putting on a condom.  

• If you want to live your sexual life with the certainty of always having a safe and lasting erection during the relationship, without taking anything and definitely.

• If you do not have erection problems but want to further enhance your erection capacity and satisfy women for longer.  

• If you are sick of taking pills or other filth and want to express all your sexual potency naturally and without needing anything.  

• If you know you are very fragile or sensitive in the sexual context, but you want to feel more confident, stronger, more confident, more virile and more considered by you.

• If you are a student or lover of sexuality and psychology and want to deepen your knowledge on the subject.  

• For sector therapists who wish to integrate this methodology with the traditional ones they use with their clients.

What they say those who have already tried  the “Secure Erection” Method?

Since this is a very intimate problem and it is easy to be laughed at by other men (or badly judged by women), people hardly tend to talk about it in public when they are dealing with this problem.  

Despite this understandable difficulty in talking about it, some very courageous men have given me the written authorization to publish the text of some emails they sent me (provided, of course, to remain anonymous).  

In the text of the original emails I only deleted the name of the known drugs (replaced with xyzxyz), the parts of text containing words too “pushed”, or things too intimate and confidential…


all of us Internet users have developed, after several years, a certain sixth sense for online purchases and we now know how to easily distinguish hoaxes from reliable and professionally made things. Well, as soon as I downloaded your method on my computer, I realized immediately that it had to be a serious work done conscientiously, in fact audio files from very long minutaggio along with very detailed mental maps were there to testify. But the contents?

Could the contents of these numerous and very large files serve to solve the “problem” that worried me for some time? Dear Andrew, I can tell you that yes, following your method has helped me solve the “problem”. But what was the problem that troubled me, will you ask those who hopefully read the feedback of us that we have already bought and followed your method?

My problem began to manifest itself a year ago, when after a very long period of total absence of relationships (for an infinite number of reasons), I met a girl, my current companion; the precise reason I can not explain it but I can tell you that things from “that point of view” did not go well. “I started” well but then I spent all the time dedicated to the “control him”, with the inevitable result of seeing, with the passing of the seconds, to frustrate all efforts due to the loss of erection.

Hence a whole series of problems related to self-esteem and the fear of not being up to date. The specialist visits to which I have submitted have all ascertained my good health from the organic point of view, removing even those doubts that I had developed about a possible problem of blood circulation, as I was rightly noted by the specialist to whom I addressed , it should also have prevented my initial erection which instead turned out to be normal.

In short, here is your method and its effectiveness: just listen to your advice in terms of awareness, security in their abilities, self-esteem to benefit (not only in the sexual field).

The last two files dedicated to the clichés, to the misunderstandings that we carry with us since we are children in terms of sexuality, the things that no one has ever explained to us because you never had the courage to ask them, even the damage that can make the vision of a porn film without the necessary information to know about the way to shoot them and the tricks used by porn actors, the cost of the method is worth, besides of course the real “technical” part, on which it is based.

What about Andrew, I’m very happy to have followed your method. I had nothing to lose, once I found out that I had nothing wrong with my physical point of view, I realized it was just a psychological problem gripping me, but money for therapists or shrinks I did not want to throw them away, so I bet on your method and I went well and for this I will always be grateful.

From an email from: Antony C . – 35 years – employee


I just came out of a relationship that humiliated me as a man and looking for the right answers on some advice to recover a little ‘trust and esteem of myself, I found this fantastic method on the internet!

Although a little ‘skeptical before buying it, but I made a little’ so by nature, your words immediately inspired me a great trust compared to others and after only one week, now I feel a great confidence in myself and above all I feel the sensation of being able to fully exploit all my resources and even more so that I can make a woman sing!

Your mental focus tips are very valuable and the methods for visualization are really innovative too. Not to mention the exercises… especially those for the testorone, who after I made them I really feel like a bomb!!! Physically and, it will seem strange, even mentally!!!

Finally, I am very welcome your periodic emails on various tips and your availability in responding to emails where I expose little doubts is something truly exceptional! I feel followed and I am increasingly convinced that the expense made is of unparalleled value!

I can only thank you for everything and as soon as I notice further improvements, which certainly happen over time, it will be a pleasure to communicate them and share the results with you.

From an email from: Rick. B. – 56 years – entrepreneur


I’m Beal from Dallas and it’s really good to say “very good”! I listened to and put into practice your method, in addition to your audio that you sent me (remember?). Now that’s better, but I’m sure I can still improve !!!  At first I was skeptical about this method, but now I can guarantee you that I have never spent my money on something as profitable as it was for this method.  They were (as you mentioned) fundamental mental schemes, those of successful situations… at the beginning I had some difficulties, but for a few days I imagined a situation in which I then found myself and it went VERY BUT VERY BETTER !!!  It is obvious that I will have to continue in order to make my own these schemes but, as the Method says, with constancy and without haste it improves and as you say Andrew the result is guaranteed. Thank you very much and I recommend it to those who really intend to overcome their problems.  It ‘been a pleasure to listen to your method, I continue to do so, because it infuses security not only for sexual performance, but makes me face the day with more strength and audacity.  Thank you so much again, it will be difficult for me to forget your name. See you next time and as you say VERY WELL !!!!!!!!!

From an email from: Beal P. – 37 years – lawyer


Hi Andrew,  listen: I think you’re really a genius, I’ve been doing these exercises for two days and the results are already positive! This method really works!  Indeed, it is all explained from the rational point of view: negative thoughts produce chemicals, neurons and electrical impulses that instead of inducing an erection block it. This can not really be objected.  Then I got stuck and I went into a crisis, and if one goes very into crisis, his brain produces really disastrous chemicals. Truly one begins by itself to produce substances that do not make you raise more, that is, those who have this disorder are ruined by themselves… without knowing it of course… they are not aware of it.  It is really a great answer. If I have results in two days I am sure that in a short time I will have reached my focus and then I will go even further. Practically the factory of the chemicals that produce erection are our thoughts. We can say that we have an infinite fuel.  However I have to thank you, this thing solves people’s lives! Ah another thing… I personally personalize to me that the most important secret is the visualization of mind (successful, empowering, in partnership) or rather… I think it can also be done… extremely successful… only more positive chemicals.  Hello… sorry if I have written all these things but… it is incredible and above all is rationally explained and everything is ruled.  From an e-mail of: Less G. – 20 years – university student


Dear Andrew, first of all I want to tell you that you are a great man and that I value you very much. Thank you for answering me… I did not think you would do it this way. You are right for the things you told me: it is not the method that must work, but the way I see things, or rather the way I see certain moments that are no longer pessimistic but OPTIMIST…    I feel you every day because you put me on joy and give me strength. Andrew I suffer from a “performance anxiety” thing… I am 42 years old I have been married for 13 years (I had never had any sexual problems) and at 40 I realized I suffer from this we call it pathology going to bed with another woman…    Do not judge me, but I have a lover that I can not make happy… Anyway I would like some advice from you, as you say the visualization is not important but very important !!! Above all for my problem.

N.B. – I am a person who is easily moved, for example as a boy I stuttered only in the interrogations… in the case… in the most important moments…

§ – § – § – § – § – (2 weeks later) – § – § – § – § – §

 Dear Andrew, I think I will no longer hear your method or I will love too much. Well after reading the answers you sent me, as well as being pleased, I read them carefully and in particular I was impressed with a recommendation that you were “when you’re with your partner *********** (too confidential to be published) ***** “and it was just what I did… I kept thinking with my mind if he was in a state of rest or if he had moved… in short, I was already starting to hurt.  Today I thought of something else instead! Andrew never went down and we were x 30 min. to make love without pauses… and to think that I had given myself 3 months of time… but that’s not all, I came home I was very excited and there again with my wife… in short, I AM GREAT… the exercises at the pubococcyge continue to make them (and I think I will do them all the time), those x testosterone occasionally because I still move with the work I do (I do telephone systems) and then because I go cycling and I like also run on foot.  Andrew you have opened a door unknown to me: when you talk about the beliefs that we do without reason, when you talk about the imagination… In short, the mind thoughts we must learn to direct the right way otherwise they combine damage… this is worth x sex but also in life in general…  Thanks for all a hug!

From 2 e-mails of:  Carl F. – 42 years – electrician


Dear Andrew, my only regret is not having met you before. Before deciding to buy the Method (which I would not call “Safe Erection” but “SAFE LIFE” because it is not only for the penis and erection but if well understood you can use it every day) it’s been a long time, because I thought that was something orchestrated just to make money.  Today I try to put into practice what I have discovered and I assure you things are much better.  N.B. I almost forgot, I had given 3 months to be sure of me in bed… instead only a few days were enough!  Thanks Andrew.

From an email from Van. – 38 years – worker


How great you are! You are number 1! Thanks Andrew !!! 😉 I have listened carefully all the files, and in addition to responding fully to my questions, you also gave me further suggestions that are very useful.

I’ll tell you briefly about myself, to introduce myself and to share with you how useful it is to listen to and listen to your modules, especially those on the psyche. I am 30 years old and physically fit, I have always been athletic.   In the sexual sphere everything went very well until a year ago. For various reasons I had a period of heavy stress, which lasted for about a year… then the first flop with different types and then consulted 3 andrologists: the first wanted me to immediately administer the tablets without any verification! (what a bandit!); the second made me do the initial investigations on the blood and came to the conclusion that the origin was psychological, but it was cold and showed no interest, did not give me any advice, limited to the diagnosis (series: now with your head, make us the accounts alone, it’s your business!… thank goodness that they take the oath of Hippocrates !!!).   The third, based on the previous reports, confirmed the psychological origin and more or less listened to me dispensing some pseudo-advice. Result: I spent a lot of money, I was left with my problem, plus it was added to try to find the right path by myself in the maze of my mind.  Then, 5 days ago I saw and listened to your files and the last one today. Andrew not only are you making me progress every day in the sexual sphere, but you’re also improving life in general, you’re changing my approach to how you live your life. You are starting to make it live with a smile, with a new mindset! Thank you so much!!!   In addition to beating 10 to 0 pseudo-professionals, and then be you the real professional of the subject, given both the interest that the time dedicated to you I feel a real friend!  Thank you very much and I’m sorry for the length of the mail!  A strong hug. 

From an email from: Richard M. – 30 years – public employee


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