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We’ve teamed up with our friends at RAVI for this month’s yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of September, two YogaBasics readers can have a chance to win their choice of RAVI Weighted Blanket!

About RAVI:

RAVI is a family company based in South Carolina that makes yoga sized weighted blankets that they named RAVI from the center of the word g-RAVI-ty.   RAVI is the creation of a yoga teacher, Lori Skerjanz.  Lori discovered weighted blankets when her mother made one for a family member with Autism.  She believed that the weighted blanket would be a game-changing prop within the Yoga Practice and set out to make a yoga-sized version.  RAVI is a patent-pending, small weighted blanket that takes all the benefits of traditional “bed-sized” weighted blankets and packages them into a durable, compact, and portable version. Please take a moment to check out their website to see the entire line of weighted blankets that they offer.

About the prize:

Two winners will receive their choice of a RAVI Weighted Blanket.  There are 3 sizes to choose from:

  • Yoga RAVI (8.5lbs) – the most versatile for Yoga Practice, Sitting, Laying, Travel
  • Calm RAVI (7.5lbs) – designed for sitting and meditation
  • Hug RAVI (4.5lbs) – for kids, seniors, and those that just prefer a lighter touch.

RAVI clients use their RAVI in a variety of ways beyond the yoga mat… in therapy/medical sessions, to help them sleep, travel weighted blankets…wherever you sit and could use some grounding and comfort.

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