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chairs on the shore, coffee cup
The long shadows of evening blessing the scene of tomorrows quiet gathering

Today I love running late and still getting caught up in the end. I love that this day is almost done and I almost ran out of time to write and yet here I am putting words down and believing in them because they are mine and they are from the heart. I love that we spent last night and a good piece of this day at the cottage and we’re here to stay for a few days yet. I love that I have decided we need give the buoy that marks our boat channel a name and I love that I’ve decided on Bobby because it bobs up and down in the waves. I love that Bobby isn’t really a buoy but a boat fender, please don’t mention that to Bobby, we feel they might be sensitive. I love that I have discovered an old bleach bottle in the shed and I think it will make an excellent buoy to mark the other side of that same channel. I love that I am now wracking my brain for a name for the second buoy, any ideas? I love that we were out getting things done today and it took more of our time than we had thought it would, but we got those things done and got ourselves back here and then we threw me into the bay to cool me off and rejuvenate me. I love this bay.

Today I love plans for tomorrow that include a birthday party for someone in my household and since my birthday is six months away in either direction, it clearly isn’t mine. I love that I baked a birthday pie for the occasion, and the birthday celebrant loves pie, damned convenient, don’t you agree? I love that I baked pie and bread yesterday and they both turned out very good I think. I love that I can’t wait to go home to my kitchen and then I can’t wait to come back here to the bay, it’s a tough life when no matter where you’re going you’re okay with it. I love that that also means that no matter where I am I’m good.

Today I love peaches on the grill. I love that some friends are coming over tomorrow to celebrate the birthday with social responsibility and we’ll be spaced out on the lawn down by the shore, and happy and chatty I’m sure. I love that we’re slowly working on getting chairs down there for people to sit in. I love that I plan to go back into the water this evening. I love that the shadows are growing long and that there is a good book by my bed waiting for me tonight and there’s still supper to make and enjoy and this is just the kind of day I live for.

Today I love sipping coffee and admiring the evening and its comforting light and its promise of an evening swim and then a good read before falling asleep.


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