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my cookbooks in the pantry
Now I’m cooking!

Today I love my cookbooks, love going through them all, love figuring out where they go on the pantry shelf where they will reside permanently now. I love unpacking them from the storage totes they’ve been in for years and greeting them like old friends, love that when I talk to them no one in my household looks oddly at me or even wonders about me anymore, the jury is back, I’m crazy from love, but it’s a good crazy and worth working at. I love that I found book marks in the pages with the names of recipes that I have made and loved, there will be carrot cake and there will be old, favorite meals and holiday treats this coming Christmas season. I love that I have resigned myself to slowly working on the continuing renovations by myself for the present and so we have started arranging furniture in the partially finished places and the ongoing changes will be made in small doses and done around the furniture. I love that we will get to experience the house in a semi permanent way and will learn before we have set everything in stone how well it will work for us and maybe have the chance to modify things if they reveal themselves to be unusable in the currently planned configurations. I love all that has been going on in my house.

Today I love that All Things Tea made a delivery of my favorite coffee to our door, and the delivery man knocked on the door and then scurried away about ten feet and when I came to the door, there was my coffee in a big bag on the door step and he was smiling and greeting me from a safe distance and wishing us a happy weekend and thanking us for the business; this is going to work perfectly, I may never leave the house again.

I love that we ordered food from the grocery store and got much of what we ordered. I love that this new world seems to be easy enough to get used to when one considers the reasons and the alternatives. I love that I was way ahead of the curve on doing things like online banking and shopping. I love that we have been getting out for a walk every day and are not missing exercise although one of us is used to more rigorous exercise than just a walk, but she seems to be doing okay hanging back with me. I love that although we think almost constantly of food and what we will eat next, I haven’t gained any weight and in fact may have dropped a couple of pounds now that I contemplate my aged physique.

Today I love sipping soulfully on my coffee and watching as the world turns and life settles into its newest posture and tries to get comfortable with itself again.

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