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January is a month of new beginnings, and we have compiled a fabulous list of free yoga videos to help you practice more yoga in the new year. The videos on this month’s list are a great mix of strengthening classes and stretching sequences, so there is a selection of what to choose for what you wish to focus on. January is also a popular time for many Youtube channels to offer 30-day class series or yoga challenges to really boost your commitment to yoga this year. With four playlists of these series along with the other free videos, this month’s collection gives you access to over 125 yoga classes! We hope you find this list of fun and unique videos helpful in achieving your yoga goals in 2020.

Class Series and Yoga Challenges

Check out these new 30-day class series or yoga challenges to help you boost your commitment to yoga and to deepen your practice.

Home by Yoga With Adriene

This all-levels yoga program focuses on an intentional theme for each of the 30 daily classes. Expect to practice with themes like “awaken, activate, focus, uplift, and unwind.”

Yoga Connection by YOGATX

This 30-day series designed to help reconnect to yourself, and strengthen your journey in your home yoga practice.

Total Body Yoga Workout Challenge by Yoga With Tim

This month-long challenge will help you build strength, flexibly, vitality and serenity.

Yoga Is Challenge by KinoYoga

Each of these daily classes focuses on a primary yoga pose and the key lessons it offers. This all-levels 30-day challenge uses ample modifications to make it accessible for all.

7 Free Yoga Videos

Yoga For Tight & Sore Muscles by Boho Beautiful

Relieve tight and sore leg muscles with this slow-paced 20-minute yoga practice. Moving through several down dogs and low lunges, this sequence targets the hamstrings, hips, calves, and IT bands. This class ends with three calming poses on the back—bound angle, spinal twist, wind relieving pose.

Leg Strength & Ease Yoga Flow by Leigha Butler

This whole-body practice is a super fun sequence but has several advanced poses including chin stand, handstand, and wheel. The 30-min class starts on your heels in hero pose with a short meditation and warm-up movements and ends with several minutes in Shavasana. If you are up for a challenge, definitely check this class out!

Inner Strength Whole Body Yoga by Yoginimelbourne

Connect with your inner strength while building core and leg muscular strength in this 40-minute practice. The class starts and ends with some gentle stretching and core strengthening poses on the back. In between is filled with a fun mix of backbends, side bends, and leg lifts.

Yoga Full Body Stretch by Yoga With Bird

This quick yet slow-paced 10-minute class begins with several minutes in Child’s pose. The sequence is designed to “help release tension and stress from the body relieving you from all the day’s aches and pains.” This calming and soothing class would be best practiced at the end of the day to prepare you for a deep night’s rest.

Yoga For Balance And Stability by BrettLarkinYoga

This 21-minute yoga class focuses on alignment and core strength to safely improve your balance, focus, and stability. You are prepared to practice Tree pose and Dancer pose with poses and exercises that target the muscle groups in the core and legs that create and maintain a strong and steady balance.

Yoga for Happy Hips by The Yoga Ranger Studio

this slow and sweet 10-minute practice gently stretches the hips and upper leg muscles. All of the yoga poses in this video are practiced laying down on the back, making this class accessible to all and a great way to wind down from a busy day.

Yoga for Stress Relief with Ashton August by YogiApproved

Remove stress, tension, and anxiety with this 30-minute all-levels vinyasa style yoga class. The practice begins with Child’s pose and gentle warm-up movements. The bulk of the practice comprises down dogs and lunging poses, and the sequence peaks with eagle pose. The class ends with legs up the wall pose instead of a traditional Shavasana.

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