Contaminants Found in 90% of Herbal Supplements Tested

The majority of dietary supplement facilities tested were found noncompliant with good manufacturing practices guidelines. “The U.S. public is not well protected” by current dietary supplement recommendations, an issue I

How to Lower Your Sodium-to-Potassium Ratio

The potassium content in greens is one of two ways they can improve artery function within minutes of consumption. More than a thousand years ago, for the treatment of hypertension,

What’s the Difference? • Yoga Basics

Yoga and stretching can look and feel similar but they are two very different practices. Stretching exercises are only focused on increasing flexibility. While yoga does involve holding static stretches, this

The Best Yogic Recipes for January 2020 • Yoga Basics

The cold and damp weather of January can seep deeply into your bones. The best way to warm and nourish the body’s core is through eating soups, stews and other

Surviving Healthcare in the United States

In 2017, as Congress was attempting to fix the problems with our national health care system, one person attempted to fix some medical problems of his own. During his frustrating

7 Steps to Run Your BEST Virtual Race Part 1 – podcast 123

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS 7 Steps to Get Ready for a Virtual Race – Part